My Art

Nature creates our vessels and it reclaims it back in our end.
Everything has a limited life of ongoing decay as the spirit carries it through time.
The vessel must birth itself to keep the structure in existence and alive.
We must not forget to spend the time to enjoy life itself.

I draw my inspiration from my imagination, drawing with ink on paper, I let my lines flow out. My interests and subject matter are greatly influenced by nature, the spirit, and detail.

My process is drawing straight from imagination, with every line marked with purpose. Some of my influences include artists such as Alphonse Mucha, Moebius, Frank Frazetta, and Katsuya Terada.



I grew up on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, where the word serendipity came from and at the time of an ongoing civil war.

At the age of seven, I moved to California with my parents and soon after I learned how to speak English. I grew up reading books as a child and wasn’t introduced to art until my early twenties.

I attended Art Center College of Design and graduated majoring in entertainment design. After working for about three years I felt the need to grow in another direction with my art. I moved away from commercial art to a more personal one where I can add more to my life and to this universe in my own way.



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